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Autonomous Cars – They’re coming!

Someday in the near future, you’ll find yourself driving the highway beside a car with no driver.  I personally can’t wait to experience that moment, as I imagine that’s when I’ll really feel as though the future has arrived.

But when will it happen?

According to, Nissan could be the first manufacturer to usher in the future of driver-less cars as early as 2020.  There are many manufacturers developing autonomous cars.  And, some of the technology from those pursuits is already in cars today: lane departure warning systems, braking systems assisted by radar or stereoscopic cameras.

The initial reports are that the braking systems are working very well, and are reducing the occurrence of accidents in those vehicles.

We’ll have to see if the general public is as excited about the future, as I am.  However, as insurance companies catch on and start giving discounts for these technologies, I suspect people will warm to the idea of a driver-less commute.

Bring on the future!


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