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Wrecked to New in Ten Days!

I was driving from my office to pick-up my son from school on a sunny, clear Thursday.  Traffic on the interstate stopped abruptly at Arundel Mills in the usual location.  I was last in line.  The cars approaching in my rear view mirror caught my attention, as I waited to get moving again.  A large SUV was cresting the hill behind me.  I could see...

Ride Sharing Services May Leave Participants Uninsured

There was very sad news from San Francisco about an SUV that struck and killed a 6-year old girl and injured her mother as they were crossing the street. Here's a link to the article:  Autoblog Article The SUV driver is reported to be involved with Uber, the ride sharing service.  Ride sharing services like Uber are becoming more popular; however, the insurance industry is...

Roundabout vs. 4 Way Stop

In Howard County Maryland, roundabouts are fairly common, but it seems we need more of them.  Check out The Mythbusters results of testing the efficiency of roundabouts vs. 4 way stops.  In addition to being more efficient, they're safer too: it's pretty hard to run straight through a roundabout, but stop signs get overlooked a lot. Enjoy.

Watch for Scams after a Storm

Watch for Scams after a Storm When storms hit, your home—and life—can be turned upside down. You’re eager to get your home repaired, but be careful: some contractors aren’t really there to help. Most contractors are reputable business people. But each year, there are a few dishonest ones who chase storms from state to state. They may try to convince you that you have hail...

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